Have you a passion for children?

Imagine being able to stay at home with your child and get paid for it! Imagine the satisfaction of being your own boss and having your own business and reducing your taxes! Maybe you have been looking for the ideal home away from home for your precious little one to no avail.  No one has been able to meet your needs as well as you had hoped.  Maybe you have said to yourself I need a place that will be able to provide growth enriching activities for him/her, build his/her self esteem, create an atmosphere where s/he can develop into the little person s/he was created to be!  You could be that person that others like yourself are looking for!

Or perhaps you just love children but want the freedom and flexibility of running the show yourself. Parents are looking for the very thing you have to offer.  YOU!!!

So What Stops Us From Taking Action????

Have you ever said or asked these things; I did,

  • I don’t know where to start
  • How much is it going to cost
  • How do I find clients
  • What do I charge
  • I have no training
  • I have no experience
  • My friends will no longer see me as a professional
  • This is not a profitable profession
  • How does this affect my family
  • Do I have to work alone
  • What would I do with the kids all day

My Story

When I first started my home daycare (over 20 yrs ago) there was no such thing as a “Home Daycare”, it was derogatorily referred to as “babysitting”.  It was not even recognized as a legitimate business. I knew absolutely no one who was doing what I wanted to do so I had no idea where to go to ask questions. At the time I was a single mom with no income so I had no resources to speak of.  I had no idea how to find children for my home daycare, I had no idea what to charge, my home was a very small apartment and I was renting.  The only plus I had going for me was that I love children and I had worked as a nanny and a daycare worker.  (If you are saying, but I don’t even have that, stay tuned.)

Of course that was back in the day when there was no online sites like Kijiji or Craig’s list.  There was no facebook, twitter, linkedin  and it cost oodles to photocopy.  My friends told me I was nuts and my family expected my services for free.  None the less, I determined to do this thing.  I spent hours cutting and coloring pictures from my kids coloring books to make posters to put up in my neighborhood, only to have them torn down. My kids and I went door-to-door introducing ourselves and letting people know we were open for business.  But when they found out I lived in an apartment they did not even show up for the interview and of course did not call either. Then I would finally get someone into my program and they would not work out.  Some would use me for a week or two and then disappear without paying.  Others would not respect my “off” time.  People figured that because my business was in my home they did not have worry about picking their children up on time because I was already home. Some even looked down on me as less than them because to them I was just a “Babysitter” and my work was not as prestigious as theirs.  I felt pretty alone most of the time. Needless to say I was frustrated.  I had a little success here and there but not really enough to call myself successful.

Then I discovered the secret.  Would you like to hear about it? Go to my website to download my free E-book!




  1. lifeandlove81 says:

    Hi there,

    Your story sounds exactly like mine.

    I’m from South África and I would like to start my own Home Day Care from home. I’d like to read/download your E-book but I cannot access your website, it says: “Error: Host “” not found. Please check the website address.” I’ve tried several times but no luck.


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